COVID-19 Risk Assessment

COVID-19 Risk Assessment – Face to Face Counselling

As per current Government and BACP guidelines, Ark Counselling Services have put the following measures in place to ensure the safety of both clients and the counsellor.

  • Entrance to the counselling room is currently at the above address is now via the garden at the rear of the property, enabling the client to keep any contact within the property to a minimum.
  • Unfortunately, the client will not be able to use any toilet facilities.
  • The entrance door handle and client seat is sanitised prior to the client’s session and immediately after the session.
  • All cushions, water and tissues have been removed. Clients are of course able to bring their own water and tissues if required.
  • Sanitising gel is provided for the client, who must use it. The counsellor also to use a different sanitiser container.
  • There is just over 2m distance from the counsellor’s chair to the client’s seat and there is a sufficient angle to prevent direct face to face.
  • A window will be left open whenever possible.
  • Masks to be worn entering the building. Once seated the counsellor will wear a face shield and it is recommended that the client also wears either a mask or a shield during the session.
  • Client to cancel (without fee) if experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild, or has tested positive. Also the client to cancel if they have been in contact with anyone known to them who has tested positive for COVID or showing any symptoms at all.
  • If the counsellor experiences any symptoms of COVID-19 or is tested positive, they will immediately cancel any sessions. Also, because of tracing, if the counsellor subsequently shows symptoms of COVID-19 or is tested positive, they are required, as per current Government regulations, to disclose the client details.  This breach of confidentiality will be deemed necessary because of the public health and safety issue.
  • Payment via bank transfer only.
  • All paperwork kept to a minimum with no pen sharing.
  • If at all in doubt as to the safety of face to face counselling, the counsellor also offers sessions via video link as an alternative.

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