Don’t Panic it’s 2021!

As we leave 2020 behind, it feels for most of us, that there has never been a year we were more relieved to be rid of.  There are few of us still alive who experienced living through the terrible hardships of World Wars I & II, but nonetheless we have been living through a different type of global war.    We have been left battered, frightened, scarred by grief, anxious, depressed and lonely and although the New Year is upon us, many of these feelings have not gone away.  In fact, despite now seeing a small light at the end of the COVID tunnel in the form of vaccination, we are still going to face many more challenges until ‘normal’ service finally resumes.

So ‘don’t panic’ I say, but how can we not you might ask??    Well we can do a surprising number of things to reduce our fear and stress in these totally unknown and unprecedented times.

My Top Tips:

  • First of all accept that we are human and it is entirely normal to feel scared when faced with threats, let alone ones of such magnitude as COVID. Don’t beat yourself up when you cannot cope so well and have one of those uncontrollable emotional days (we all have them).  We do not have to be ‘strong’ all the time.  Be kind to yourself!
  • Reach out to others whenever possible via whatever way you can – if you cannot manage technology to do this, pick up the old-fashioned telephone and have a good chat with a friend or loved one. Stay connected to other human beings for support.
  • Put routine and structure into your day – do not be tempted to stay in bed, hibernating every day away.
  • If you can, walk every day and find new walks to do – we can still meet up with one person to share somewhere with. Fill a flask and take some nibbles with you – winter picnics are possible.  Keeps the dog fit into the bargain.
  • Get those jobs done you have been putting off forever, not forgetting to reward yourself afterwards. Some of us even like ‘spring’, or currently ‘winter’ cleaning.
  • Take your time to notice the ‘good stuff’ each day – a beautiful sunrise or sunset, sunshine on crisp white snow and frost, a robin’s song, early snow drops, laughter or someone’s kindness. Be grateful for our children, animals and those people trying so hard to make things right for us all.
  • Pamper yourself in your home, take time for yourself, read that book you have always said you would, learn to knit or sew or plan taking up a new hobby when possible.
  • Learn the skill of meditation and stillness – practice each day making it part of your daily routine. There are plenty of apps on your phone to help you.
  • Eat well and allow yourself a treat or two – remember not to overdo the alcohol though!
  • Keep yourself informed of the latest news once a day but don’t flood your thoughts with constant negativity, just do your bit to keep yourself and others safe.

These are just a few of my ideas – why don’t you think of some of your own now and draw up your personal survival plan.

2021 Here We Come!!!!!


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