Thank you so much for all your help and everything you did for me, it really helped.

it was inspirational.

I couldn’t have done it without you.

it was so important for you to be a Christian.

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Studies repeatedly show that ‘Counselling Works’, so let’s discuss how counselling can help you!

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You can leave all these feelings behind.
With compassion, care, love, time, and therapeutic life coaching, you will be able to move forward and take steps to your new life with new perspectives. By losing your fears and reaching new levels of confidence you will be able to have wellbeing and peace.

If any of these things sound familiar,
then I can help you

Feelings of Low Self-esteem / Assertiveness / Anger
Do you sometimes not like yourself, lack confidence
/ would like to be able to speak up for yourself
Do you find relationships / communicating with others difficult.
Do you often feel angry and/or lose your temper
Do you want to discover or talk about your faith or spiritual matters
Do you want to explore how to live a healthier more productive life
Do you want to reconnect with yourself and consider the question ‘who am I’
Do you have life goals you want to achieve but don’t know how

Bereavement / Grief / Loss
Have you been diagnosed with a serious or life threatening illness and are struggling to talk to relatives or come to terms with it
Are you facing an ‘end of life’ situation and just want to talk
Have you lost a loved one or experienced a loss such as divorce, job, home, pet

Depression or Postnatal Illness
Are you feeling low, tearful, tired, lethargic, cannot face the day
Is life with a new baby not all you wanted it to be

Anxiety / Stress at Home or Work / Panic Disorder / Phobias
Are you often feeling very anxious,
Do you find certain situations very stressful,
Is work overwhelming you,
Are you afraid of something specific,
Do you sometimes feel panicky and experience physical signs of anxiety such as racing heart rate, sweats and trembling.

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